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In today’s fast paced world, everything is instant and we all strive to make things as easy as possible, without even giving a thought on our health. Our sedentary lifestyle, demand us to consume anything and everything. In-spite of being health conscious we do not have many healthy options in the market. Either they are available and are not that tasty. They also lack the finesse which we are used to consuming other eatables which are made with a million of agents and ingredients. Our tongues are used to that taste that anything lesser is not acceptable.

Considering these factors, we have succeeded in experimenting and formulating a perfect recipe that is in par with our demanding taste buds. We have prepared a healthy and off course a tasty product in the form of cookies, which are totally free from any synthetic additives and preservatives. These are made with no refined flour and sugar which are the main ingredients for an unhealthy snack. They are also available in gluten free and sugar free options which can cater people who are diabetic and allergic to specific ingredients.

These cookies are made from pure healthy ingredients with an attractive packing in various formats. These cookies are available in more than 10 flavors which would cater to any kind of people. Our biggest USP is that these can be customized to suit any ones requirement, the sweetness can be altered or the crunchiness can be varied.

Thus finally we can sit and relax with a guilt free feeling of consuming these cookies at any time.

Nutritious Cookies never Tasted so Good!

Try our wholesome wheat cookies today.


Wheat Cookies

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Choco Chip Cookies


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You have done a great job Your recipe is just perfect Be it for the choco chip or simply wheat ..! Being a connoisseur for tasting biscuits I must say these are just top notch Full marks …!
A hurried click before everything gets gobbled up here. Too good Smitha. Excellent taste! We all loved it! The butter or ghee whatever you have used feels so homemade so good. Haven't eaten anything like this from commercial bakers or shops outside. Guys you have to try it to understand what we feel. Don't think twice just go for it!
I tasted bajra and amaranthus cookies. Both of them taste very good rather excellent, very buttery and just enough sweet. They both are very crisp. Bajra cookies have a slightly coarse mouthfeel. Amaranthus cookies are less coarse (mouthfeel) than the other. But both the cookies have excellent taste and aroma. These qualities mask their sl coarse mouthfeel. They both are
Smitha, sorry for taking so much time to taste the other cookies. I had saved the best for the last, I think. 1. Ragi relish cookies are very good. Has very very mild coarse mouthfeel. 2. Coconut cookies are excellent. They have optimum amount of coconut in them as well as optimum sweetness. Excellent taste and flavor. 3. Chocochip cookies
Ordered Biscuits from Honniga Eats today, The kids loved it and pretty much-finished half of it. Thank you so much Honniga for the quality biscuits. Would recommend others to try.
Hey me too Last month ordered Chocolate cookies, Choco chip cookies, wheat cookies n Khara Sticks. Thanks so much Katti.

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